Aircraft Rental Service

Tropair Airservices has been established at their hanger on Biggin Hill for many
years; building up an excellent reputation for providing reliable well-equipped aircraft
for PPL rental

Our position on the airfield is on the prestigious south-side which offers easy access from the public roads, but most importantly, excellent aircraft access to the southern taxiway.

We have secure parking for customers’ vehicles, a comfortable fully air conditioned lounge for pre-flight planning and meeting our instructors or customers’ friends, along with all the facilities you would expect at London’s premier general aviation airfield.

Complementary to our aircraft rental, we have a very experienced QFI and examiner who is able to undertake all revalidations and any training that is required from ab-initio through to PPL/IR, both multi and single. This includes examinations to that level.

We have a CRI (class rating instructor) who is able to carry out routine checks that pilots need, in addition to conversions from one aircraft to another in accordance with JAR requirements.

Tacho Hour
Here at Tropair we operate all of our rental fleet along the same format. This makes a pilots transition from one type of aircraft to another as smooth as possible i.e. tech logs are nearly all the same as is all the aircrafts documentation (in a bag ready to go). For this reason all but one of our rental fleet are charged out per tacho hour. This means you are charged once the engine is running but will normally find one tacho hour equates to approximately 1hr 10 mins. Over a long period of time we have found this to be a fair way to operate for both rental pilots and owners alike.

Revalidation & Training Flights
Should your License be due for revalidation, already expired or you require some re-fresher training, again Tropair can assist. Our full time Ops/Hangar Manager Paul Barker is a CRI Instructor and R Examiner and will be more than happy to assist with any differences training you may need. If your needs are such that you require a revalidation by test, IMC or IR training again we can arrange for you to fly with our CFI Mr Chris Angelis a senior instructor/examiner who is just at home in an Airbus as our PA28. There is a nominal fee for differences training and rates for more advanced training are by arrangement.


Booking Availability
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• IFR G-BFMG PA28/161

Email us to book an aircraft
or call: 01959 576767

For information on IMC Ratings and IR Training call Paul: 01959 576767

No annual subscription charges just a one off administration fee at time of initial check ride. Email us for details

G-CHTA available to hire through Tropair Airservices
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